Rotorua Croquet Club Inc
Queens Drive, Government Gardens, Rotorua

Latest News:

SGM will be held at 9-30am on Saturday 19th September 2020.

Agenda: Adopt a NZ Societies required amendment to constitution approved on 1st August 2020.

Adopt a NZ Societies required change to the Annual Accounts approved on the 1st August 2020. 

Note: Due to Covid level 2 the meeting will be held outside the club rooms.  While normal play has resumed, however, the club rooms are not open for general use (toilets can be accessed) and special procedures apply to equipment use. See rules at club.



Welcome to the Rotorua Croquet Club website.

The Rotorua Croquet Club invites you to enjoy a game in the picturesque Government Gardens. Our club days are:

Summer (Summer times now apply)

Wednesday and Saturday, meet at 9-15am from  September to April for 9-30am start. Visitors fees are $3 for half day or $5 for full day.

Winter (Starts 1st May)

GC: Wednesday and Saturday, names in by 9-45am from  May to August for 10am start.

AC: Names in by 9-45am for 10am start.

 Croquet is a game of ball skills and strategy. The game does not require a high level of physical fitness but in its purest form (Association Croquet) is very demanding with respect to ball skills and  exercising the brain.

Golf croquet is the simplest and most social form of the game - a good place to start and learn the basic ball skills. You can recognise the game as there are usually 2, 3 or 4 people on the lawn at the same time. An outline of the game is shown on this page.  Club play tends to be very social,  with tournament play providing the more competitive element to the game.

Association croquet is the oldest form of the game and the most challenging. The rules are too complex to show here but you can read an outline at:

Select diagram for more information.

 Select the above diagram to go to NZ Croquet website and a more detailed explanation of Golf Croquet.